Treasure Seekers
"Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Righteous Life for me"
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OBJECTIVE- Help the girls to know that if they will use the "treasure map" (scriptures, words of the prophet, leaders, etc) they've been given here on this earth, they will find the greatest and best treasure imaginable . . .Eternal Life.

SCRIPTURE IDEAS- Article of Faith 13,  Jacob 2:18

VALUE FOCUS- Choice and Accountability

All things Pirate

Precious Gem in value colors. 
Ex:  Diamonds (faith), Saffires (Divine Nature), Rubies (Individual Worth), Emeralds (Knowledge), Ambers or Corals (Choice & Accountablity), Citrines (Good Work), Amethysts (Integrity), Topaz (Virtue)


Design a  Compass Treasure Hunt