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2011 Mutual Theme for Camp

Quest for the Best

Treasure Seekers

Lucky Thirteen


F.I.T (faith, integrity, testimony) for the Kingdom

B.U.G.S- Begin Understanding God's Spirit or Building Up Girls Standards

S.M.I.L.E- Spiritually minded is life eternal

D.O.T.S- Depend on the Savior

D.O.A.K- Daughter of A King

Anchored in Christ

S.A.A.W- Stand As A Witness

Fly United

Find Him In You- Have ye received His image in your countenance? Alma 5:14

Candy Land- Charity and You

M&M's- Mighty Missionaries

Survivior- Outlast, Outsmart, Outshine

The Amazing Race (our quest to return with honor)

Vital Signs-

Get a Grip (on the Iron Rod)

Everyday Heros

Feast upon the Words of Christ-

Safari (Searching for Heaven)

In T.U.N.E- Testify, Unite, Navigate, Enlighten- music themed
The Magic Kingdom (of Heaven)-

It's a Jungle Out There

Be Loyal to the Royal Within-

"Catch" the Spirit


Got Worth-

B.O.O.T- Building on our Testimonies

S.O.S.- Source of Strength

A.R.M.Y- A Righteous Mormon Youth

Bee all that You can Be- President Hinckley's 6 bee